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HRH Bangle


HRH: "Her Royal Highness" or "His Royal Highness" (depending on whether it's worn by a man or woman).
Inspired by the "Shutfah", a traditional headpiece worn by leaders and influential men. we no longer see this tradition carried on, only by a few royal family members in Bahrain and Kuwait.
designed for stacking, mix the colors and diamond options. This collection was inspired by the Shutfah because Azza wants the wearer to have the feeling behind the traditional head piece which is Strength, power and admiration this represents a signature style of the wearer.

18k White/Yellow Gold: 13.58g                                                                                        Diamond: VS1, G                                                                                                            Size:

Available in:                                                                                                                      18k Yellow Gold Base with 18k White Gold Corners and Diamonds                              18k White Gold Base with 18k Yellow Gold Corners and Diamonds

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