It starts with a single link. That link twists itself to another and another and so on. The link turns to a chain. That very chain carries pendants, brings together charms, jewels; you name it. The chain has got it.

Ultimately; the chain is the star of the show.

Chains have been around for centuries. Through every civilization, every time period, the chain has made an appearance. Many were made to be worn and many parts of a chain were welded into adorned jewelry of stature. No matter where it comes from, or who wears one, the chain is a vital part of the world of jewelry.

We like to think of the chain as link to our past, present, and even consider it for an ongoing future. Trends have come and gone, and the chain remains strong. And so, came the creation of this wonderfully curated online trunk show, the chain movement.

This platform will not only unlock many wondrous pieces for purchase. We will also be sharing vital facts on The Chain, its production, how to value a chain, what to buy and what not to buy, as well as some fun and interesting facts from fashion history on this fun part of jewelry.

We hope this Trunk Show inspires you to fall in love with gold chains in all shapes, textures, and sizes.


Azza and Fadia


* ENDS JANUARY 6. 2021 *